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Microsoft SQL Server Compact

Create a New Connection

Flynet DataConnect offers the Full Experience for Microsoft SQL Server Compact. This means you can create queries using a tile-based drag and drop interface.

To create a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Compact database, make sure you are on the Connections tab. Then press the (+) icon at the very left hand side of the Window.

Give your Connection a Name and Type

You the need to give your connection a name, and optionally a description.

For the Connection Type you need to select Microsoft SQL Server CE Connections.

Provide the Connection Parameters

Press the [...] button next to the Data Source to browse to the file for your Microsoft Server Compact database.

You can optionally provide a password if necessary.

Testing and Saving

Once you have entered your values, you need to press the Test Connection button. This will indicate whether or not DataConnect can connect to your Microsoft SQL Server Compact database. Common problems are incorrect filename, incorrect password and inaccessable file location.

Once you have successfully tested your connection, you must press the Save button to store your connection.