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Start Working with Flynet DataConnect

This overview helps you get started with Flynet DataConnect. It introduces the main ideas and components used with DataConnect.

This is not the installation guide.

The video below gives you a complete run through of building queries and web services with DataConnect. It gives a very simple demonstration of connecting the web services to Crystal Dashboards (Xcelsius) as an example.

There are three stages to building queries and web services with Flynet DataConnect.


Connections are where you define the link to your data sources. These could be anything from Microsoft Office Excel and SQL Server, through to Oracle and IBM DB2, among many others.


You create queries against connections. You have the choice of using a helpful drag-and-drop query builder, or you can type or copy in SQL text.

Web Services

You define and publish web services by giving them a name, and selecting which of your queries you wish to include. A simple click of the publish button, and your web service is available for use.