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Flynet Demo Dataset

The Flynet Demo Dataset is provided with DataConnect. It is the database used in all the examples in this Wiki. It is a Microsoft SQL Server Compact database.

Create a new Connection

Flynet DataConnect offers the Full Experience for the Flynet Demo Dataset. This means you can create queries using a tile-based drag and drop interface.

To create a connection to the Flynet Demo Dataset, make sure you are on the Connections tab. Then press the (+) icon at the very left hand side of the window.

Give your Connection and Name and Type

You the need to give your connection a name, and optionally a description.

You need to select the Connection Type of Flynet Demo Database. If the option does not appear in the list, it means that a custom install was used and the Demo Database was removed. By default the database is installed.

This creates a Microsoft SQL Server Compact connection, and it fills in the connection parameters automatically. You do not need to change the Data Source, nor provide a password.

Testing and Saving

You need to press the Test Connection button. This will indicate whether or not DataConnect can connect to the Flynet Demo Dataset. Common problems would be the provision of a password where none is needed, changing the file location, or the database file has been removed.

Once you have succesfully tested your connection, you must press the Save button to store your connection.