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SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Personal

Previously Xcelsius Engage

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Personal

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Personal Edition is the lightest product avaible that allows users to connect to live data; it gives users the ability to create two limited connections. Although this restricts the number and complexity of live components, making drill downs and what if scenarios almost impossible, it does add great value for those who want to create simple connected dashboards. By adding live connections the dashboard will change automatically as the underlying data is updated, reducing the need for manual export and updates.

Should you need a dashboard with more live connections, giving you the freedom to analyse your data more quickly and completely, you might want to consider Sap Crystal Dashboard Design Departmental Edition or Flynet Xcelsius Server.

System requirements

  • PC with 1.0 GHz processor, 1GB RAM (recommended), and 350 MB hard disk space
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista
  • Microsoft Office 2003, Office XP, or Office 2007