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SAP and Flynet Launch New Product Bundle, Adding Real Time Data to Even More Dashboards

"The new bundle of SAP Dashboard Design and Flynet DataConnect Express is a massive opportunity for the channel to sell license and professional services based around connecting SAP/ Xcelsius Dashboards to live data."
Luca Granzotto
Head of SAP Crystal Distribution EMEA
SAP and Flynet have collaborated to provide a product combination that fills a growing gap in the Flynet/SAP product range.
We noticed that there were products available for light, static, presentation based data visualisation, such as Dashboard Presentation Design (Xcelsius Present). There are also products available for power users and those who wanted to connect to various databases and create multiple dashboards to manage all areas of their businesses (Flynet Xcelsius Server 2012 or Crystal Reports).
What was lacking was a solution for those companies in between; the companies that need live connectivity to manage a specific area of their business, or those hoping to gain a high level overview. These companies need dashboards with easy connectivity and stunning visuals, but without the incumbent reporting suites or significant initial outlay. With this in mind we decided to partner our products to provide a combination solution. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Departmental Edition will be sold with Flynet DataConnect Express (a paired down version of Flynet DataConnect) to serve the intermediate market.
Previously customers found connecting dashboards with standalone Dashboard Design a daunting and complicated process, demanding significant technical resource and time. Using SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Departmental with DataConnect Express users can quickly and easily connect their dashboards to their live business data and reap the benefits of live dashboards in their organisations.