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About Us

At Flynet we have been building technical solutions for our customers since 1995. Our first product, Flynet Viewer, built a pioneering reputation in the mainframe industry by fusing web technologies with established business systems running on mainframes and legacy applications. 
Many of our customers also wanted to visualise data from their mainframe connection, leading us to expand our portfolio to include dashboards. Complex web services are required to connect these and to address this we developed a unique tool to enable our customers to achieve this with minimum outlay.
Flynet's web service generation tool can be used to create stunning live dashboards with a fraction of the resources, cost and time required in the past. As a result it has attracted wide interest from across the dashboard market, which has allowed us to build long-standing partnerships with leading dashboard players such as SAP/Business Objects.
Reducing dependence on technical resources provided immediate benefits to our customers and we continue to further develop our products to empower less technical users.